Saturday, 20 September 2014

Without Let or Hindrence

I stayed up as late as I could waiting for the results of the Scottish Referendum to come in. My partner and I glued to the television for hour upon hour, sadly reflecting how the News on the BBC had turned into a regurgitated rotation of video bites and sound snatches. We lamented how all the footage gathered by hundreds of cameramen all day long resulted in about 7 minutes of scenes that seem to be replayed end to end every seven or eight minutes. "Has the BBC an agenda of simplicity?", we wondered. Has the BBC already made up its mind as to what it will show and how it will show it?

If the BBC is controlling the broadcast output in such a way, it surely is no longer reporting the 'news', but rather simply creating what it thinks we need to see. It worries me when an establishment relied upon so heavily by so many people, is not only being manipulated by the government, but by the BBC itself.

Add to this the argument dividing Scotland and the bias of the BBC will actively portray anything the 'Yes' campaigners do or say in a more negative light, often one of ridicule, and anything relating to the 'Better Together' camp as being perfect, truthful, honest and informative.

For a few days I heavily tweeted obstructions to the 'Yes' campaigners, sometimes lampooning them for wanting to break away from something that is strong and good, sometimes jeering their fundamental stupidity, or just tweeting silly statements designed to question their loyalty. I knew I was doing 'the right thing' as the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron was asking us all as a nation, to warn the Scots against separating from the UK, for it would plunge us all into darkness and an unstable market that would seemingly collapse overnight.

I wondered why Mr Alex Salmond, the Leader of the Scottish National Party, refused to explain what currency he was going to use in the future as the British Mandarins seemed united on the fact separation would mean exclusion from the British Pound. The Royal Bank of Scotland publically made a huge song and dance about moving the plaque for their head office to London, as though the very bank the Scots were going to need and rely upon had fled south before the border closed, in order to protect the investments it held. The bank we bailed out, it seemed, had been told by the UK Government, to show loyalty to England or  face a huge financial destabilisation.

Within hours, I was reading well written and articulated arguments that supported the concept the Royal Bank of Scotland was already Based in London, under one of its other names. The move was nothing more than a scare tactic. A penny started to drop.

Too late, I realised the bumbling stupidity of the nation of greed based in and around Whitehall had been injecting fear into the minds of millions, through Radio, television and the newspapers. They used commerce, retired politicians no one ever trusted, and by twisting the argument instead of reporting the news, the BBC became the primary tool for disinformation used by the British Government.

Alex Salmonds advisors failed to warn him the perilous act of not identifying a currency strength was to be his downfall, and I wonder now how many of those trusted advisors were actually on the payroll of our subversive government.

A whopping 45% of the adults in Scotland wanted change, needed change, but the campaign was ill thought out. It was essentially too simple, "Wave the Scottish Flag and they will follow". The vast majority of pensioners and a hundred percent of the school-goers would have been far better off, than if they were to stay as part of the UK. National Pride is a powerful weapon, it lifts people, it empowers people, it enables people, and in such a way, National Pride could have driven Scotland through the days, weeks and months of uncertainty while the change-over took place. How many had their passport open, how many read "Her Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State Requests and requires in the Name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary."

There was the very instruction to everyone, play nicely, let each other do what each other needs to do, let people do things and go places without barrier. Instead of trying to force Scottish People to be a part of something they did not want to be.

The UK government and people should have been working in a manner to support the people of Scotland, to allow them to have what they needed, and by cementing ties commercially, industrially and competitively with the Scotland based industry, banking, Health Services, Education Services, Transport and rail services, broadcasting services and most importantly, in matters relating to defence.

We should have created a mutually beneficial Commercial Partner, that would retain Scotland as a friend of the United Kingdom, but totally self controlled. We would be their biggest customer and would treat favourably requests for assistance and defence. We could have been the sole buyer of the oil reserves, and would provide all resources for the Scottish Defence Minister, in return for granting us time to relocate  our Nuclear Deterrent. Open border crossing and access to NATO and the EU would have continued, not as a fractious arm, but as an approved and supported loyal ally.

We did not do Scotland any good whatsoever, and now I feel gutted for my Scottish friends in a part of the world I have lived in and loved, I feel bad for the way we stood on the world stage and stabbed an emerging nation in the heart, and I now no longer trust anything that Mr Cameron and his sick minded bullies care to share. For my part, I utter the most profound apology to everyone in the #yesScotland campaign for every #indyref tweet I made. I was wrong, I made a huge mistake and I will live to regret it for the rest of my life.

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